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Shades by GAL Cosmetics for Women of Color

Shades by GAL Cosmetics offers high-quality, yet affordable, cosmetics and makeup for women of color.

Shades by GAL Cosmetics not only look good; they are also good for you!

Focusing on the lip gloss (luxury gloss) and foundation sticks …

These are products where sheer color meets high shine with the benefit of age-defying benefits for your

lips. You will receive lasting comfort, protection and hydration from the innovative polymers in this

product, which are made up of Castor Seed, Soybean, and Moroccan Argan. These ingredients help with

conditioning and hydration, along with smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles and vertical lines thus

giving your lips a younger and softer look. They also contain Vitamins C and E, as well as antioxidant

protection. Aloe and silica help soothe and heal dry lips.

Veronica Campbell-Brown, 8-Time Olympic Medalist, endorses Shades by GAL Fine Cosmetics for

Women of Color.

In Veronica’s own words: “It is an honor to endorse Shades by Gal Cosmetics. I love using their products

and admire the passion the company have for creating fine cosmetics.”

About Shades by GAL Cosmetics

Founded by beauty junkie Grace Ann Long in 2009 in New York, Shades by GAL Cosmetics is the beauty

brand for the modern woman and beauty maven. Vivacious and classic, Shades by GAL encourages

women to unleash their individual beauty. The line includes a variety of shades for eyes, lips, and

cheeks. Ingredients include minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, which nourish the skin. Shades by GAL

is sold online and in select beauty boutiques globally.

What separates Shades by GAL Cosmetics from many of the cosmetics out today is that Shades by GAL

caters to women of all hues and pigmentations. Shades by GAL Cosmetics provide affordable, high-

quality, custom-made products infused with antioxidants and vitamins, which enhance true beauty and

nourish the skin.

Grace Ann Long Cosmetics Launches
Grace Ann Long Cosmetics Launches 150 150 Shades by Gal


Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise 150 150 Shades by Gal


Nothing makes a woman happier than gifts that make her feel and look beautiful. Enhance her makeup bag with cosmetics from 1969 Beauty, which offers mink or human hair eyelashes as well as rich pigmented lipstick and gloss from Shades by Gal.

The Official Post Awards Party
The Official Post Awards Party 150 150 Shades by Gal


GAL Sponsoring Chriss Brown’s Official Post Awards Party featuring DJ Nick Cannon and special guest Jeremih. Also featuring live performances by The Problems, The Traptronics and The Snap

Fashion Windows
Fashion Windows 150 150 Shades by Gal


“There’s a SHADE for everyone, a perfect match”, vowed GraceAnn Long when she founded SHADES By GAL. A fresh company, SHADES By GAL as its name implies already offers a complete line of make-up products, specially formulated to work with your specific skin tone. Their mission is to create a cosmetic that does not differentiate or exclude any woman.

Makeup now: Shades by Gal Line
Makeup now: Shades by Gal Line 150 150 Shades by Gal



A complete makeup line with colors for everyone, founder GraceAnn Long introduces Shades by Gal. The company’s mission is to create a cosmetic that includes every woman. “There’s a shade for everyone, a perfect match,” said Long. Read more

PREMIERE FOR “BLUE JASMINE” 755 383 Shades by Gal

Premiere for “Blue Jasmine” stars an amazing cast including Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and Peter Saarsgard and will be the theatrical premiere on July 24th at the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on July 24th.

STYLE 360 NYC FASHIONWEEK 9/9-9/12/2013
STYLE 360 NYC FASHIONWEEK 9/9-9/12/2013 755 383 Shades by Gal

Style 360 is a high end full service venue located at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC. A packed schedule of designer shows with Shades by Gal as cosmetic sponsor is scheduled. Media buzz, fashion traffic and more makes this a perfect place to introduce Shades by Gal to the international fashion/beauty industry.


The International Emmy® Awards recognizes excellence in international television by honoring outstanding programs produced outside of the United States . No other event brings together such a unique international television and entertainment audience in one place with a common goal — to celebrate television from around the globe. Shades by GAL is gifting makeup and skin products to this audience filled with world renowed performers, producers and public figures.